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Divorce Paralegal Services

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Preparing, Filing, Serving

PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Mandatory court filing fee of $435. Filing fee will be charged to your credit card on file the day of filing, unless you qualify for a fee waiver. 

PROCESS SERVING: We include up to 3 local attempts to serve the other party. Outside area incurs an additional $139 service fee. You may also choose to hire your own process server. 

Divorce No Children No Assets 

Only $495

Divorce With Children Or Assets

See Price Below

Expected To Agree On Terms

* Includes Notarized Marriage Stipulation Agreement

Divorce With Children Only $695 

Divorce With Assets Only $795

Divorce With Children And Assets $895

Not Expected To Agree On Terms

 Initial Filing Or Response For Divorce With Children and Assets $695 

Contested Divorce Document Preparation Services: Additional Fees From $695 - $1995 Will Apply, On A Case By Case Basis

3 Steps

Step 1:

Complete Form And Pay Online.

Step 2: 

We Review Your Submission And Contact You Directly, If Additional Information Is Needed.

Step 3:

We Prepare Court Forms For You To Sign, Electronically Or In Person.  Once they're signed we file with the court.

We keep you posted every step of the way!

 Please complete the intake form if you would like to start the divorce process online.

If you need assistance, please call us at: (916) 620-2446

* LDA PRO | Proceed With Preparing, Filing, and Serving:*
* The main difference between legal separation vs. divorce in California is that a divorce permanently dissolves the marriage.
Type Of Case:*
MANDATORY COURT FILING FEE: Upon Filing Your Case, How Do You Intend On Paying The Superior Court Filing Fee Of $435?*
To Determine If You May Qualify For A Fee Waiver Visit: http://www.courts.ca.gov/documents/fw001.pdf
* My Spouse Currently Lives In:*
CHILDREN - Do You Have Biological or Adopted Minor Children Together?*
Includes Marriage Settlement Agreement: Child Support, Child Visitation, and Child Custody Orders.
ASSETS - Does either spouse own any of the following: Real Estate, Retirement Accounts, Investment Accounts, Business Income, and / or Large Sums In Bank Account?*
* Are You and Your Spouse Expected To Agree On All The Terms Of This Divorce?*
If you are not expected to agree on the terms of the divorce, additional fees will be required. Contested divorce fees vary.
** Are You and Your Spouse Expected To Agree On All The Terms Of This Divorce? *
If you are not expected to agree on the terms of the divorce, additional fees will be required. Contested divorce fees vary.
*** Are You and Your Spouse Expected To Agree On All The Terms Of This Divorce?*
If you are not expected to agree on the terms of the divorce, additional fees will be required. Contested divorce fees vary.
CHILD SUPPORT - Please Choose One:*
Court Determines Amount Of Support Based On Parents Income, Unless Both Parents Agree Otherwise.
ASSETS - Either Spouse Owns: Please Check All That Apply*
Check and all that apply.
We need the type of asset, value of asset, and how you're requesting the asset is distributed. You can email this information to: Contact@Ldaprolegal.com. You can also choose to list the information now, if you're ready.
Please List Type Of Asset: Real Estate Equity, Retirement Accounts, Pensions, 401k, Investments, Stocks, Bonds, Or Business Income. Please List How the Asset Will Be Distributed.
DEBTS - Are There Any Debts Requested To Be Divided Between Parties, Acquired During The Marriage?*
For Example: Joint Capital One Credit Card - Balance Owed $10k - Should be split 50/50. My Ashley Furniture Account - Balance Owed $15k - Should be my sole debt. Husband's Carmax Auto Loan $40k - Should be his sole debt, Etc.
Where Have The Child(ren) Lived For The Past 12 Months?*
PHYSICAL CUSTODY - Please Check Physical Child Custody You Are Requesting:*
Physical custody refers to the physical possession and control of the child.
LEGAL CUSTODY - Please Check Legal Child Custody You Are Requesting: *
Legal custody refers to the right to make major decisions (such as educational, medical, religious) on behalf of the child.
CHILD VISITATION - Please Check Child Visitation With The Other Parent You Are Requesting:*
If you and the other party are not in agreement with an open and unspecified schedule, please choose specific schedule for visitation. You will have to create a schedule for desired visitation, in the following question.
Example: Domestic violence in the home. Other parent is abusive.
Example: Pickup and Drop Off at Starbucks on 123 Main St. Every Friday 3pm to Sundays 8pm. Every other holiday.
SPOUSAL SUPPORT - Please Choose One:*
Will You Be Requesting?*
Do You Know Your Existing Case Number? *
No File Chosen
File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.
Irreconcilable Differences is the most common reason for divorce. If you are considering to claim Incurable Insanity you should provide evidence from a licensed physician.
Your Name:*
Your Mailing Address*
Have you or spouse resided in the county in which you are filing, for at least 6 months?*
(999) 999-9999
If your case involves court documented domestic violence, do you want your personal address / phone confidential?*
Example: 01/31/1990
Are You Active Military?*
Are You Currently Employed?*
Do You Want To Return To Your Former Last Name?*
Spouse's Name:*
If Unknown: We will need to perform a skip trace search to find the Other Party's address for $39. If the Other Party Lives outside the area, we will have to hire a server in that area for an additional fee, or you can have someone you know over the age of 18 serve the documents. Our fee only covers up to 3 local attempts.
Is Your Spouse Active Military?*
Is Your Spouse Employed?*


Choose One: I have read and understand the above Notice to Consumer and Contract for Services*
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